Advent with Axios

It took us almost 12 years, but on Sunday, December 20th, at 7:00 St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral we presented our first ever concert. It was entitled Advent with Axios. While the repertoire included selections with varied compositional styles--from Baroque masters such as Bortniansky to contemporary figures such as Stepurko--the overarching motif of the selections chosen was an association to either the feast of Christmas or the preceding preparation and fast of Advent, or as it is called in the Christian East, Pylypiwka. 


Fr. Peter Babej who is the current pastor at the Cathedral was very generous, not only in offering us such a wonderful space in which to present our music but in promoting the event and encouraging our efforts in such an enterprise. His goodwill, the hard work of our numerous choristers, and--most especially--that our conductor, Boris Derow was rewarded with an almost capacity crowd. We are very grateful for all those who took the time to attend, knowing full well how hectic this time of year can be for most families. 


In the end, our intention for this concert was that it would be a rewarding and uplifting experience for attendees--and performers alike. We hope that we were able to provide an atmosphere that was conducive to focus upon and to further our efforts to prepare for the upcoming Nativity of Jesus Christ.


If you were able to attend our concerts, please feel free to provide us with your thoughts. We will truly value and take into consideration your feedback. 

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